Aruba Central + GreenLake SAML Generator

SAML Generator

Looking to setup Single Sign-On (SSO) for Aruba Central in the new HPE GreenLake Common Cloud Service? (CCS) Recently I posted a step-by-step guide on how to configure SSO with Okta. This has been an extremely popular topic and I’ve received some very positive feedback. It’s because of this feedback that I created a simple SAML generator. The new SAML user attribute for GreenLake that defines the account information and privileges is made up of many parts. The SAML generator will help with the configuration by constructing the new “hpe_ccs_attribute” and can be pasted directly into Okta or any other IdP.

Before you Begin

First review the configuration steps for Aruba Central on the new Greenlake CCS.

Additional detail is included in the HPE GreenLake CCS platform user guide.

Required Fields:

*Built-in Greenlake / Aruba Roles shown – Custom roles are also supported

Future Options: (No need to modify)

Copy and Paste the following into Okta or other IdP: